Grace Before Meals Prayer Card


The Irish Family have grown from consisting of mainly one faith, Roman Catholic, to being a family of many faiths (beliefs) more reflecting the world at large.

In an effort to bring people closer together we have included three grace before meals, one which is common to Buddha and Humanism, a second common to the Jewish, Muslim and Mormon faiths, and a third common to all Christian faiths.

Let us bring the grace before meals back each individual home, for the good of the family and of the whole community.

If you are eating alone at any time why not ring someone and ask them to share grace with you, they most likely are eating at the same time as you.

Best wishes,

Gerald Donnelly.

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Altú Roimh Bhia

Traditional / Traidisiúnta

Beannaigh sinn, a Thiarna,
agus na bronntanais seo uait,
a bhfuilimid le glacadh
ó do rath, trí Chríost ár dTiarna. Amen.

Prayer Before Meals

Bless us, O Lord,
and these your gifts
which we are about to receive
from your bounty through
Christ our Lord. Amen

Do pháistí

Beannacht ó Dhia orainne atá ag suí

chun boird le chéile.
Beannacht ar an mbia a ithimid inniu.
Beannacht ar na lámha a d’ullmhaigh dúinn é.
Beannacht ó Dhia dílis orainn féin. Amen

For children

Bless us, O God, as we sit together,
Bless the food we eat today,
Bless the hands that made the food,
Bless us, O God. Amen.